Sally R. D. Aurisch

Sally Aurisch is Italian trained although she grew up in country Western Australia. She has painted for most of her life. After attending the ‘Julian Ashton Art School’ in Sydney she left Australia in the 90s to study the old masters’ craft at its source in Florence, Italy.¬†There she trained with maestro Michael John Angel (Angel Academy of Art) who leads the emerging interest in classic realist painting. Developed from art’s golden age; the renaissance, it’s adherents have included Leonardo, Caravaggio, Raphael, Leighton and Rembrandt.

On returning to Australia, Sally Aurisch has successfully exhibited with the ‘Masterpiece Gallery’ in Hobart and the ‘Charles Hewitt’ in Sydney.

Her work celebrates nature. Her paintings are usually allegorical and she often camouflages signs and symbols within her compositions.

She returns to paint in Italy most years and is currently working on her next show.

“Sally Aurisch’s beautiful work combines the techniques of a classical training with a vision that is both poetic and surreal. Her paintings are provocative, haunting”.
Michael John Angel
Director, Angel Academy of Art, Florence, Italy